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MUDs (Multi User Dungeons) are text-based games, generally with a fantasy theme and a gameplay very similar to RPGs. They became popular in the 80s as more people began using personal computers at home.

While MMORPGs have evolved to include spectacular graphics and other features, MUD games have remained loyal to their essence and still allow people to play on remote servers and interact with multiple users.

There are several MUDs in English that require only a terminal in text mode with Telnet support so you can play from anywhere – although there are also clients (like MUSHclient) that can improve your experience and make game communication easier.

Written in C++ to guarantee great performance and compact size, MUSHclient offers an alias to manage frequent commands, keypad navigation, autocomplete with TAB, 'auto say' to speed up conversations, etc.

For more advanced users, it also has support for proxy, scripting, and automatic management of different worlds and servers.

Some popular MUDs in English include:

You can try them by typing c:/telnet server:port into your terminal or clicking New World on your MUSHclient and entering the details shown on the official websites.
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